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Empowering Customers
Through Real-Time Data

At the end of the day, we understand our Partnership is not about documents.
It’s about supporting the PEOPLE who support your  CUSTOMERS,
students, mission or clients.

Our 360 Assessment arms you with real time data. We work with you to
remove the mystery surrounding your true cost break down, workflow processes
and supply management expenses. Allowing you to focus on what really matters…

Getting you back to business.

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Step 1: Let’s Talk Goals…
No Commitment. 
No Fees.

A Network of Support. Keeping You Connected From Coast To Coast.

Integrity One Technologies represents the best of both worlds when it comes to your business solutions – the national resource and strength of Xerox with the agility of locally managed services and support teams. Headquartered in Indianapolis, with five additional satellite locations across the South and Midwest, Integrity One Technologies is a locally based, wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox Corporation.

This dynamic relationship means you will experience the benefits of working with a local team of highly skilled experts, held personally responsible for your satisfaction. Our consultants, customer care team, contract experts and technicians are all members of the communities in which we serve. We are your neighbors.

Integrity One Technologies is unique in our ability to offer a national network of support, in conjunction with parent company Xerox Business Solutions (XBS). This allows us to support you throughout the continental U.S.

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We Put Integrity In Our Name For A Reason... We Stand Behind it.


Honest and ethical in our dealings with customers, employees and the communities in which we serve.


Secure in the partnership to provide the best solutions for your business.


Delivering consistent quality and excellence in all that we do.


Building trust through authentic behavior of corporate citizenship now and into the future.

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