Integrity One Supports #KokomoStrong

Indianapolis, In – Local Xerox and Brother print & services provider, Integrity One Technologies, teamed up with the Salvation Army to assist in the Kokomo relief efforts.

On Wednesday, strong storms ripped through the city of Kokomo, which sits approximately 60 miles north of downtown Indianapolis. The storms unleashed an EF-3 tornado which, according to local news agencies, produced strong winds up to 165; destroying several buildings and heavily damaging others.

Currently, the Salvation Army along with The American Red Cross, The United Way and other charitable organizations are organizing relief efforts to help the victims of the storm as well as to supply first responders with much needed resources.

Thursday, Integrity One partnered with the Salvation Army to provide an SUV full of supplies to aid in the relief efforts.

In a statement to Integrity One, Friday, Major Lust of the Kokomo Salvation Army chapter said, “This area has been hit hard. A few years ago a tornado went down the same path, but two streets over. As of this morning some areas are still without power. Our office is just four blocks from where the tornado struck. Your generous donation will go a long way towards helping Kokomo rebuild.”

Integrity One’s donation included: 140 bottles of water, 112 bottles of Gatorade, 45 breakfast muffins, 60 packages of Oreos, 180 Granola Bars, 144 Pop Tarts and 60 mini boxes of cereal. Individuals within the company are also pooling resources to make a secondary donation.

“Being a locally based company, we felt it was important for us to help out where we could”, Sam Castiglione, President of Integrity One said Friday. “We have employees and customers who were affected by the storm and we felt it was only right to do something to help.”

If you, or the organization you work for, would like to contribute to the relief efforts, please contact your local Salvation Army chapter – or alternatively you may consider a monetary donation to The American Red Cross or The United Way.