Making A Case: Workflow Improvements & Xerox


Making The Case: Workflow & Law Firms


Allison Zimmer, from Xerox, challenges Law Professionals to consider how they are tracking their workflow and what that means when it comes to firm success. Large or small, Criminal or Civil…workflow matters.

As she puts it,

Firms of different sizes are practicing in an age where information moves faster than ever before. So what are they doing to keep up?


So what remedy does Ms. Zimmer offer? A brief 4 step guide arguing the case for modernizing workflows to improve both the large firm and their “SMB peers” alike. Read the article here.


For more information on solutions, workflow supports and other technology related to the legal world, check out our Legal Results page, where we share with you some of the things our legal customers think, have benefited from and gives you a brief review of the things Integrity One can do to help you improve your firm’s profitability and technological environment!