Xerox: 2017 Doc Imaging Award (BLI)

Xerox Wins 2017 Doc Imaging Line of the Year

With all the chatter about the Indy Lunch & Learn going on this week (The Paperless Office & Future of Work) you might be wondering why Integrity One for your digital imaging needs. Or perhaps even more pertinent…” why bother going paperless…and what the heck does Xerox know about it.”

All  great questions. Let me help. 

Instead of giving you our pitch and walking you through “why Integrity One is a dedicated and reliable technology partner for your business,” I’d like to encourage you to join us on this Thursday on the 15th! Let us HOST you for a delicious BBQ lunch at Tow Yard Brewery, meet our team of experts and get a real “feel” for the way we like to do business. The event is FREE of charge. Register here! With Integrity One, it’s about people – and how we can help their businesses succeed. It’s pretty much that simple.

As for the second question, again, I’d encourage you to attend our event Thursday as we start the lunch addressing this very question! But at the end of day…really…what the heck does Xerox know about it?

Turns out, we know a lot! Buyers Laboratory (BLI), “the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging software, hardware and services” announced on 11/30 that Xerox had won it’s coveted 2017 Document Imaging Software Line of the Year Award! Read more about the award and hub-bub around it here.

According to [the] analysis, Xerox offers an unmatched portfolio of both first-party and third-party software solutions that address customers’ document-centric ‘pain points’ and solve business challenges. -Jamie Bsales, Director of Office Workflow Solutions Analysis, BLI.


Source: Xerox wins coveted 2017 document imaging software line of the year award from the analysts at BLI. Keypoint Intellegence. December, 12, 2016. <>