How Social Creates Print Sales for SMB Print Shops

In less than two days, we will be ringing in the new year. That means that #smb all across the country are putting the finishing touches on their business plans. Maybe they are looking to grow. Reduce overhead. Invest in new equipment or opportunities. Looking to cut their costs.

SMB Print Shops are no exception.

So this year, as 2017 comes into view, I would encourage all of those small business print shop owners to GO SOCIAL.

True, social media is not a ground breaking idea in the age of smart watches and curved TVs, but far too few print shops are taking advantage of the various platforms as well as their ability to GENERATE print sales. Especially in such a visually dominate industry.

Matter of fact, this topic is starting to drawl attention from all around, including from Industry Giant #Xerox, who recently released an article on it just last before Christmas: How Real-Time Social Media Relationships Create Print Sales.


As the author points out,

Social Media is worthless unless it generates results

It’s well worth the read and will help #SMB better understand & take action on the somewhat “abstract” idea of social media for print sales . Check it out here to learn more about social outlets as a REVENUE GENERATING opportunity for those in the print industry.