A New Xerox in 2017

Xerox Doubles Down To Make Work, WORK Better

Jan. 4th started a new era in Xerox history. Conduent Incorporated spun off of the Fortune 200 giant Xerox, allowing the tech giant to double down & focus on making work, WORK better.

Today is a historic day for Xerox. The successful completion of the separation sharpens our market focus and commitment to our customers,” said Xerox CEO Jeff Jacobson. (Xerox…, 2017)

But what does this mean for the every day Xerox (or Integrity One) customer? Well…the answer is rather simple, yet incredibly powerful.
It means more of everything.

More time to be put towards developing equipment, solutions and processes that WORK for your #SMB. More resources devoted to creating tools that not only support your team but free up their time so they can focus on YOUR CUSTOMER. A more acute mission that is laser focused on supporting customer success and thereby supporting the heart of the American economy.

It means more R&D on workflow management, a refocusing from corporate leadership and a dedication that is unwavering to your success as a #SMB owner or manager. Xerox is charging towards a newer, brighter future in 2017.

Won’t you join us?


Read more about the changes within Xerox here.

Source: Xerox completes separation of Conduent, Begins New Chapter as Focused Industry Leader in Digital Print Technology. Xerox. Jan 9, 2017.
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