Escape The Stone Age So You Can HUNT THAT MAMMOTH | Automated Meters & Toner Supplies

History teaches us great lessons and can be a fascinating subject…
but some ancient techniques are better left in the classroom than the boardroom.

Today, smart, successful #SBO and large enterprises implement automation to take care of basic tasks that shift their team’s focus from their customers to basic administrative tasks.

Why should copier meters and toner supply ordering be any different?

Integrity One has developed a revolutionary application, COMPLIMENTARY application to take the busy work out of printer & copier management. Now you can gain access to insightful metrics to more accurately determine and strategize your total cost of ownership, resource allocation & supply usage like never before.

The FREE APP [similar to what you’d might use on your phone] can support basic job tasks by reporting copier meters, provide more accurate billing [no estimations or human error!] as well as automatic toner shipments, should you choose to turn it on.

So while learning to make fire definitely has its place, you don’t have to worry about putting out another one at the office.

Focus on the work. We’ll focus on HOW it gets done.

Now go #HuntThatMammoth …account, deal or client. We got this.
Get started today!

About Integrity One Technologies
Integrity One Technologies represents the best of both worlds when it comes to your business solutions – the national resource and strength of Xerox with the agility of locally managed services and support teams. Headquartered in Indianapolis, with additional satellite locations across the South and Midwest, Integrity One offers state-of-the-art technology from knowledgeable and friendly associates who deliver exceptional service at a fair price. Connect with us to learn more or visit | One alliance working for you™.


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