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This month, Integrity One is helping you focus on #improving #processes in your #SMB in order to directly reduce costs associated with  office technology and workflow. Last week we discussed making sure your meter and supply ordering process was optimized by utilizing our FREE IOT360App that will let your team stop focusing on busy work and start engaging them to #HuntThatMammoth. If you missed it, check it out here.

This week we’re going to focus on how your team’s service contract can help support cost cutting initiatives within your business. Most of our customers opt to include a service program with their equipment lease or purchase which typically covers your toner supplies, meters, break/fix maintenance and other specific details that was customized to support your specific  business. But did you know that Integrity One also offers Connect Plus?

The Connect Plus program was designed specifically to support #SMB owners who have a small IT Department or who might third party the service out. Let us be clear, Connect Plus can not replace an IT team or vendor, but it CAN reduce the amount of billable hours and service tickets they receive from your team on a daily basis.

Your business is a living, evolving force to be reckoned with.

But when a new device or solution is added to your environment, our team only gets to see a current “snap shot” of your organizations dynamic and ever-changing network. That means, we can only address current environment questions.

So what do you do when you add a new workstation to the environment… or when you have a communication issue between your network and a device? …Perhaps you need to rework a workflow and could use “scan-to” user support?

Typically small & medium size businesses find themselves burdening their IT manager with these general request OR worse yet, paying out big $$$ to their 3rd party IT team.

But with Connect Plus, these issues are no longer a problem! The beauty of this Help Desk support program is that it allows you to transform those pesky billable hours and variable costs into one low fixed cost, that you can manage. No more opening invoices from third party ITto find a surprise charge. Or worse yet, wasting your IT expert’s time, instead of focusing on more mission-critical objectives, like infrastructure and cyber security.

If you’re ready for a better way to manage equipment network issues. Ready to control your IT costs better and ready to unburden your internal IT supports, connect with us! Connect Plus includes unlimited IOT Help Desk support, which can typically resolve issues quickly over the phone, as well as workstation additions, an Analyst onsite visit and more!


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