5 Signs Murphy’s Law Is About To Strike | Preventative Maintenance Unmasked

The simple fact of the matter is worrying about your office equipment, toner other administrative supports going down in the middle of peak season is anything but ideal. But the irony of Murphy’s Law, of course, is that if something is going to go awry, it will. But doesn’t that ALWAYS seems to happen with the worst timing?!

Don’t let your team (or your customers) get caught in the middle of something that is easily preventable. Check out these five signs that Murphy’s Law is about to strike your printer, copier or fax machine:

1.  The equipment notifies you that your waste container is “getting full.”

Many people don’t know that a waste container does exactly what it says. It collects excess toner that is produced during the printing process.

However, when that waste container gets full, the device itself WILL STOP WORKING, just as if it the device was out of toner.  Typically a waste container message is displayed when the container has 10% left. When you see that notification, it’s time to schedule preventative maintenance, to ensure your fleet and your team can continue to work full steam ahead

2. Frequent misfeeding in the top document feeder or side feeder tray.

Although often an annoying, end users often ignore subtle issues such as a top document feeder jamming on a somewhat consistent basis. Typically this issue is ignored because the fix is simply popping the feeder open and reclosing it, but it could be a sign that other items within the device are starting to show wear as well. This is a great time to have a certified technician drop by to give the machine a once over, to keep your workflow rolling smoothly.

3. Having to clear “errors” frequently that don’t appear to be effecting copy or print quality.

The truth is, we’ve all done it. We see an error code pop up, but our job prints just fine. So we press the “clear” button to override the message. But then so do the next 10 people utilizing the device that morning. If you or a team member notice that your multifunction device or printer is continually showing a code, even if the device is still functioning, it’s time to give your service provider a call.

4. Seeing smudges, tiny toner spots or streaking of any kind on prints.

Seeing imaging issues on any printer, copier or multifunction device is always a telltale sign that an issue may be looming. Toner-based prints should always come out dry to the touch and therefore should not smudge when moving the paper through the device’s rollers. Splattered toner spots or line streaks indicate a similar issue may be headed your way. Take the two minutes to submit a service ticket though your partner’s online Client Portal so that service can happen when and where it’s convenient for you. Don’t wait for a down device to spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e.\

5. Any time you know a heavy print season is on the horizon, get an overall service inspection. Trouble always comes calling when you’re tight on time or in a crunch. Use the suggested time frames below to figure out when might be the best time for your organization to get on a preventative maintenance schedule.
Education: Summer Break, Fall Break, Winter Break
CPAs & Accounting: Post Tax Season
Insurance & Healthcare: August & Sept before Open Enrollment Starts
Churches: Easter & Christmas tend to be heavy print times, so schedule your preventative maintenance for Feb/March and Nov.
Non Profits: Late Spring & Winter area ideal time for a tech to visit to make sure you’re organization’s Summer & Fall fundraisers’ print is supported.


Don’t see your industry on the list? Answer these three questions to decide the best time for your organization to schedule a checkup:

  • When is my administrative team spread thin/heavily tasked during our fiscal year?
  • What months do we have a lull? Or have low building traffic?
  • What does our project/ customer service/ workflow pipeline look like in the next 3 months? Does any item stand out as print intensive?

By answering these simple questions, you can begin to evaluate when & how preventative maintenance might be right for you.

But really, no matter how you slice it, scheduling your preventative copier and printer maintenance is truly key to keeping your office safe from the things that go bump in the dark. Happy Halloween from your friends at Integrity One!


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