Master It Monday: Understand Your Sales Style: Hunter vs Farmer

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Article Share: Sales vs. Account Management
By: Erika Sommer via Pipeline Deals

“While they share similar characteristics, sales and account management are quite different. What are the key differentiators between the two?

Sales and account management share many of the same characteristics. But while sales people primarily focus on prospecting and closing deals, an account management team never stops selling. Sales brings in the customers, and account management nurtures and helps them grow.

Sales vs. Account Management

How does each function separately? How can they work together?

We’ve highlighted the key differences between the two, with the intent of helping you understand elements of each, and how they work in tandem.

1. Pre-Sale vs. Post-Sale

Traditionally, a sales team is responsible for bringing in new business. And the relationship they develop with leads and prospects is transactional.

Once a prospect is converted to a customer, the sales team will transfer ownership…”

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Sales vs. Account Management
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