Search. Click. Find. | Office Hero 101 For Xerox Equipment – You’re already the hero, but we’ll provide the cape!

When you’re the office hero, ever minute counts. Well, we saw your bat signal Pam & we’re here to help! 

We get it. They always look to you to have the answers, like “ where is Pam?” or “Pam says to…” or maybe even the direct “Pam can you fix this, please?” But what do you do, when you have no “fix” for your team’s office technology?

Our money says you’re a smart one Pam, and that you’ve become the “office hero” due to your mad skills thundering away on a google search bar. Because after all, everything these days is teachable, right?

Or maybe maybe the thought of another second on the phone sounds simply like nails on a chalkboard today and you’d rather try to fix the issue yourself, before calling in our service team & the big guns? Or perhaps you LOVE your tech but have the skills to dive in alone with the help of a quick video or step-by-step tutorial? After all, we all know the real goal is to implement a fix QUICKLY so the project, proposal or customer can be out the door and on it’s way, leaving your cape flying in the wind, like the superhero we all know you are!

Queue music here, please…

Well, wait no longer Pam! IOT-Xerox saw your bat signal high in the sky and we’re proud to share that Xerox has introduced a state-of-the-art tool that’s #MadeToThink! The unique, searchable interface is similar to that of Google, yet yields only Xerox recommended techniques, instructions and videos, so you always know you’re on the right track! Packed full of how-tos, that cape of yours will be swaggering in the wind again in no time, as you dash off  to take down the next office villain! How’s that for a new utility belt tool?

So go. Be strong Pam. Integrity One Technologies & Xerox is with you.

Check It Out Here



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