Master It Monday: Prepping For a Job Change, Keeping Track of Your Work Makes Resume Updates Easy


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Article Share: Keep Track of What You Do So Resume Updates Are Easy: The Best Way To Keep Your Resume Updated
By: Madeleine Burry

You know you’re ready for a change. You’re ready to move industries, roles or just need a lateral move to new environment but one daunting task lays ahead. Updating your resume. 

Chances are if you’re like most people the only time you actually update your resume is right before you dive back into the job hunt. I mean hey, you’re a busy human with a life outside of work and recruiting! Am I right?

But time is often a detract for the successful professional, which often works to our own determent. As Burry explains in her article, Keep Track of What You Do So Resume Updates are Easy, “one of the reasons it [feels] so difficult to update your resume is because as time passes, your memory of accomplishments and day-to-day responsibilities can fade. If you struggle to remember your plans from last Friday, how will you recall the highlights” of your career?

Think about it.  Monumental projects YOU’ve worked on THIS YEAR have likely in Q3 become place to your day-to-day by now. Right? So to put it plainly, as time marches this year’s KEY projects and big accomplishments now probably feel watered down to your inner monologue or honestly, forgotten all together. And if you can’t have pride or remember what you’ve done…how on earth can you sell it to a Recruiter during a phone screening or to your potential boss during a panel interview?

The best way to keep time from pulling the sheet out from under you, you ask? To empower you to stand boldly above others in the sea? The answer is actually simpler then you might expect: employ a system that lets you keep tack of your projects, analytics & job tasks as you go, that is also seamless worked into your natural workflow. 

Chances are you do report this kind of information to some one already, be it a team or a boss. So take advantage of the work you’re likely already putting in anyhow. Burry explains…

Why Track Your Work

Making resume updates easier is just one reason to keep track of what you do, learn, and accomplish at work. Other reasons include acing your performance reviews and making powerful arguments for promotions and raises. It can also be helpful if you have to write a bio of yourself, whether for an event you’re attending or another professional moment.

What Should You Track?

Since you are not directly updating your resume, be expansive in what you log, however you choose to do so (more on that later). Here are some SIX things to track…

  • New skills: If you attend classes or workshops, note it down. Training sessions at work are also worth noting. Did you learn a new software program? Write that down, too.
  • Awards and praise: Did your boss send around an email to the team touting your work? Did you win salesperson of the year from your organization or get acknowledged by an outside group? Write down the date and substance of accolades and…


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Keep Track of What You Do So Resume Updates Are Easy
By: Madeline Burry, June 25, 2019  via