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Master It Monday: Are You Right For A Sales Career? 7 Tips Help Plan For Hurtles You’ll Face Year One


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Article Share: 7 Sales Tips For New Salespeople
By: Wendy Connick

Considering a sales career, but not sure if you’re the “type” of person who would make a good fit?

Let us let you in on a secret…unless you’re given a huge book of business that is perfectly synchronized from the person before you… it’s likely that your first year in a sales will involve a good bit of a learning curve including industry vernacular, product training and learning the flow of it’s sales cycle. However, it’s also the perfect time for a hungry go-getter to stand out as managers are always looking for their “Rising Star” who are able to perform under the stresses of a freshman sales season.

So how do you know if you’re your cut from the same cloth as other successful sales professionals?

A great place to start is by reviewing your personal goals, dig into a personality test and network with acquaintances you may know is sales. By purposefully digging into your personality and contacts, you can learn a lot about how you manage stress, what challenges you may run into and so on.

The truth is it takes grit to be successful in sales and that first year is like many other roles where learning on the job takes it’s tole. But it can also be incredibly rewarding. So as you consider your future opportunities or a transition into sales, check out these 7 pointers Connick, from The Balance Career, on challenges you’ll likely encounter and how to come out strong & swinging, for year two.

She goes on to share…

“Starting a new career in any field is daunting. With sales, you face some unique challenges. Most salespeople are expected to learn on the job, but the longer you take getting up to speed, the longer it will take for those commissions checks to start rolling in. Here are some suggestions to help you quickly warm up to sales.

Find Needs and Fill Them

Prospects aren’t sitting around waiting for your cold call in the hopes that you will sell them something. They’re sitting around trying to solve their own problems. If you can show them a way to solve a problem that’s been bothering them, you can make that sale. Remember, WIIFM is the only thing prospects have in mind.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

You’re probably eager to get out there in front of real, live prospects so you can start making money. But before you get in front of a prospect, you’ve got to be ready. That means understanding the product, preparing a list of benefits, coming up with a solid sales presentation, writing up at least a basic cold calling script…



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(Seven) 7 Sales Tips For New Salespeople
By: Wendy Connick, February 11, 2019 via