What Recruiters Need To Hear in 2019

What Hiring Managers Need To Hear From You in 2019 | Master It Monday

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Article Share: Ask The Interview Coach: What to Say in a Phone Interview to Score an In-Person By: Jeevan Balani

You’re being recruited by a business and have a phone screen looming. But what do you need to do to transform an over-the-phone conversation into an invitation to interview?

Recruiters and hiring managers are always under pressure to find both quantity and quality candidates to fill open roles. They often juggle office hours and conduct screens in the evenings to accommodate talent’s needs. After all… no one wants to be interviewing in front of their current employer. This means that their schedules are often packed and they screen multiple people at a time. So how can you stand out and grab their attention as the right person to move forward for an interview?

According to Balani, an Interview Coach at Glassdoor, the best way to do this is to understand the phone screener’s needs and be able to meet them during a thirty minute call. He points out there are several ways to approach this, including sharing tips on what Recruiters are looking for as well as numerous recommendations on how to “ace the stage” of the process.

He explains…

Confirm Interest

“Hiring managers have a limited amount of time, and a recruiter’s first filter is to make sure they are passing along candidates that are truly interested in the role. We are in the era where recruiters reach out to candidates more often than the other way around, and often prospective candidates will take a phone screen just to get interview practice and see what the market… keep reading.”

Match Core Skills

“A recruiter will not typically conduct a deep-dive on each of your core skills, but rather, they want to make sure you have general experience in the core requirements of the job. For example, if you are interviewing to be a digital marketing manager… keep reading.”

Asses Culture

“Behavioral interviewing is how most companies comprehensively assess “culture fit” in later rounds. However, the phone interview is also meant to do a preliminary check on how well suited you are to the company’s culture. Key areas of interest for the recruiter is whether you…keep reading.”


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Ask The Interview Coach: What To Say In A Phone Interview To Score An In-Person
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