Based On Scientific Principals To Support Your Business

Step 1: Define

We want to understand your company’s culture to ensure we are able to accurately assess your environment and provide optimal results. In the first meeting, we define the Integrity One 360° Assessment and gather basic information pertaining to your current challenges as well as overall strategic direction.

Step 2: Measure

During this stage of the assessment, we work to remove the mystery surrounding your current technology and workflow infrastructure, with the help of the Integrity One 360° App. We work with you to set baseline measurements, so new solutions can be bench marked and results can be accurately measured.

Step 3: Analyze

Working with your team, our knowledgeable and friendly consultants will then begin to collect and analyze data to be used towards the creation of a new, optimized solution. These stages may include: inventory and mapping, workflow, sustainability and process review as well as a total cost of ownership and fleet examination.

Step 4: Improve

If necessary, we walk through co-authored improvements for sustainable working practices. Together, we develop guidelines for achieving your best workflow process and true optimization.

Step 5: Control

Our suggested recommendations are built on actual data, not estimates or industry projections. We provide you with an action plan, establishing critical metrics so you can continuously monitor, control and analyze results for ongoing improvements.


Empowering Customers
Through Real-Time Data

At the end of the day, we understand our Partnership is not about documents. It’s about supporting the PEOPLE who support your  CUSTOMERS, students, mission or clients.

Our 360 Assessment arms you with real time data. We work with you to remove the mystery surrounding your true cost break down, workflow processes and supply management expenses. Allowing you to focus on what really matters…

Getting you back to business.

➡ Step 1: Let’s Talk Goals…
No Commitment. 
No Fees.

The Support You Need.
Where You Need It.

We understand that your organization has unique objectives and faces industry-specific challenges that requires a knowledge partner to support your team.

At Integrity One we specialize in a data driven approach to support whatever your current objective might be. By connecting you with a knowledgeable Consultant who is trained and well versed in your industry, you’ll receive customized support and real-time analytics to help you make strategic decisions and support your team.

You focus on supporting your customers.
We’ll worry about how to get it done. 

No Commitment. No Fees.
Let’s Just Start A Conversation.

If you’re ready to take the next step. Ready to move your organization forward and take control of costs, usage and workflow efficiency, you’ll want to partner with someone who has a track record of delivering results. At Integrity One, we offer just that. 

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