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  • Records Management. Digitally store and organize medical records with a digital content management software solution that offers easy recall, archiving and lends itself well to disaster management.
  • Cost Recovery & Tracking. Remove the mystery surrounding procurement practices for fleet and supply management with our complimentary 360° App. The app allows you to gain clear visibility regarding your true cost break down, allowing you to make adjustments as needed.
  • HIPAA Compliant Software & Document Output Solutions.  Develop a road map to identify compliance issues and implement security measures to protect patient information from breaches while safeguarding against liability concerns. When working with Xerox products, rest assured your solutions will be able to function as part of a HIPAA compliant environment.
  • Facilities Management Services. When looking for an outsourcing partner for printing, form maintenance, mail sorting and more turn to the experts in facilities management services. We will work with you to create an on-site team dedicated to supporting your staff across the entire organization.


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“My experience with Integrity One was very positive. They delivered what they promised and continue to do so. Integrity in business is essential but too often rare to find. I found it with Integrity One Technologies.”

Executive Director
Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies

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We understand your practice faces unique challenges, unprecedented by that of any other industry. Supporting your patients, promoting wellness and delivering premium state-of-the-art care is of the utmost importance. But managing administrative costs, navigating ever changing mandatory regulations and paper work creates real challenges for your team to deliver their best to the patients they serve.

Our knowledgeable healthcare experts will work with you to improve efficiency, identify underutilized and over taxed assets as well as help you clearly understand and monitor your true cost breakdown providing unprecedented insight and tools to manage procurement practices.

This translates into smarter spending, less administrative waste and more resources to dedicate to what really matters… empowering your people, to support your patients.

Get Back To Your Patients
& Focusing On Wellness.

Recent regulatory changes and a challenging economy has made it difficult to provide patients with a truly integrated network of care. Let Integrity One get your focus back on wellness, by streamlining administrative workflows to support your patients’ privacy and your physician’s needs.

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