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  • Cost Recovery & Tracking. Remove the mystery surrounding usage and procurement costs across your district, with our complimentary 360 App. Designed to help you better understand your true cost breakdown, the app works to empower your administration by providing real data, allowing you to make informed decisions while supporting your teachers and engaging your students.
  • Delay & Emergency Notification System. Spread information quickly with an automated notification system designed to confirm school closings as well as provide important information to staff and parents in the event of a true emergency.
  • Automated Grading, Permission Slips, Truancy Tracking & More! Integrity One offers a wide array of specialty software specifically designed to support teachers in the classroom. This allows them to spend more time with students and less time tracking paperwork. Administrative tools are also available to streamline daily office operations!
  • Data Storage, Back Up & Archiving Student Records. Digitally store and organize student records, reducing your footprint and while offering secure access and recall. Programs can be implemented to comply with regulatory privacy laws and provide assistance to long term disaster recovery plans.

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The Support You Need.
Where You Need It.

If you’re like other school corporations, having the proper technology to support administration, staff and students can be a challenge. We’ve worked with schools across the South and Midwest and have the experience and resources to help you balance your needs with your budget. We can help you track costs, improve efficiency and improve the environment with new technology that not only serves your short term needs but also supports your long term strategy.

This translates into smarter spending, less administrative waste, better technology in the classroom and freed resources to dedicate to what really matters.

We Understand Educators Face
Unprecedented Challenges.

Budget pressure, funding shortfalls, regulatory changes and staffing shortages now seem contradictory to the ability to facilitate technology in the classroom. At Integrity One we have experience and the resources to help you to balance your needs within the confines of your budget.

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