Our 360 Assessment provides the
you’ve been searching for to control
your print environment. 


Managed Print Solutions

Fix Costs, Simplify Procurement & Support IT Objectives

Simplify Fleet Management


90% of companies in North America cannot accurately account for their printing costs. 

Integrity One’s Managed Print program supports your team as they work to focus on your CUSTOMER; not your equipment. Our revolutionary assessment process makes you the office hero as it yields tangible data that provides visibility and empowers our clients team based on DATA. Not speculation.

It’s time to stop being busy & start being productive.

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What Your IT Dept Is Dying For You To Know


Supporting fleet issues cripples their effectiveness.

From the “How do I?”s  to the “Why wont it”s  Integrity One’s locally based, high skilled team of Customer Care experts will work with your end users to address any issues, answer any questions or provide additional training support.

This simple, yet time intensive service, plagues IT Departments across the nation, pulling their focus from mission-critical projects, such as building infrastructure or protecting your organization from security breaches.

Let the experts help. IT has more important things to focus on.

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Toner Ordering: A Thing of The Past


Gone are the days of juggling toner types and tracking down meters. Integrity One’s customized Managed Print does the work for you.

Not only can we provide service support to your desk top fleet but we can also streamline the supply process, saving your support team time, so they can focus on things that really matter… like supporting your staff or focusing on YOUR customers.

Your CUSTOMERS [ not your printers ] deserve your attention.
It’s time to automate & simplify.

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 No One Knows Functionality Like Xerox

Introducing the new AltaLink & VersaLink Series

Improve Functionality

Business happens faster and in more locations then ever. Shouldn’t your technology keep pace? Only Xerox rises to the challenge.

With over 12,000 active patents, Xerox is leading the industry in adapting traditional print, fax and email support to fit the needs of today’s world.

The 2017 launch of our new AltaLink & VersaLink products has made everyone from IT professionals to Industry Experts, stand up and take notice. Now more insightful then ever the tablet-like user interface, application access and  security features allows your team to focus & serve your customers like never before.

But don’t take our word for it. Experience it for yourself!

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Tablet Interface: Connect Key

Your fast pass to getting the job done.

Available on both AltaLink & VersaLink equipment, Xerox offers a user experience like no one else! Designed with functionality, ease of accessibility & the modern demands of business, our tablet interface outperforms everything on the market.

From document translations to moblie printing and customizable apps, Xerox drives efficiency like never before.

In a world where seeing is believing, even you won’t believe your eyes.

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Reduce Costs & Improve Efficiency

Did you know Multi Function Printers are 20-40% less expensive then their single function alternative?

Multi Function Printer (or MFPs) require roughly half the floor space and are much simpler to manage then their single function counterparts.

Don’t get us wrong…sometimes you just need a printer. But nearly every office across the US can benefit from added functionality including scan to email, security logins and application access.

Not to mention, streamlining your fleet could reduce procurement costs, improve team productivity and streamline labor intensive workflows.

You ask your team to be multi-taskers. Why should you expect any less from your technology?

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Line of Business Solutions & Software

Streamline Workflows, Automate Process & Refocus Efforts


Document Management
& Outsourcing Support

Document Archiving & Specialized Projects

Back File Conversion: Paperless Office

Tired of searching for documents, navigating disaster recovery plans or researching Green alternatives?

Whether you’re looking to invest in a short term project or have ambitious long term objectives of becoming a paperless office, Integrity One’s Reprographic & Digital Imaging Center has a dedicated team of experts that can assist with the conversion, archiving and disaster recovery plans for your paper documents, wide format plans, microfiche films and more.

Projects can be done onsite or at our secure facility and documents can remain accessible to your team during the transition.

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Outsource Printing & Finishing

Need help with printing or finishing needs?

Integrity One’s Reprographics & Digital Imaging Center (RDIC) offers overflow printing services to those customers who have large projects or tight deadlines that overload the capabilities of their current equipment. Outsourcing your projects to our Reprographics and Digital Imaging Center (RDIC) might just be the support you’ve been looking for.

Specializing in Rapid Color, Wide Format Printing, Lamination, Binding & More

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Wide Format Equipment & Supplies

Specialized Projects Require Specialized Tools

Whether you’re doing artistic printing or running technical blue prints, Integrity One offers a wide line of Kip and Epson wide format products and supplies to help you get the job done.

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Facilities Management

Focus on what you do best… let Integrity One handle the rest.

From mail rooms to in-house print facilities, Integrity One can help you manage staff and execute critical operations that are administrative in nature and are repetitive or simply too time consuming for your associates to manage.

This solution is often ideal for secondary education campuses, hospitals, law offices, large enterprises or organizations that heavily outsource printed materials.

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Production Print

Improve Margins, Expand Capabilities
& Differentiate Yourself

High Volume Color

Xerox is one of the few printing partners that can support your office as well as high volume shop printing.

Our wide range of equipment options allows us to customize supports to fit your needs, from light entry equipment to full high production printing.

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Customized Finishing & Effects

From spot embellishments and Metallic Dry Inks to custom folding and inserting needs, Integrity One & Xerox has you covered.

Our wide array of finishers and production equipment has just want you need to stand out in the crowd.

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Color Management & Workflow Support

No one can beat the productivity and efficiency of EFI’s Firey when matched with Xerox Production Equipment.

Designed to allow for standardization of jobs, digital print workflow, high volume metallic & job submissions, Integrity One offers a complete solution, scale-able to your needs.

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About Integrity One Technologies: A Xerox Company

Integrity One Technologies represents the best of both worlds when it comes to your business solutions – the national resource and strength of Xerox with the agility of locally managed services and support teams. Headquartered in Indianapolis, with additional satellite locations across the South and Midwest, Integrity One offers state-of-the-art technology from knowledgeable and friendly associates who deliver exceptional service at a fair price.

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