Empowering Customers To
Push Through The Language Barrier

Imagine a world where language barriers no longer existed for your small or midsize business because of new talent! You’ve added a translator on staff that is fluent in 40+ languages and can translate any text, from any source, instantly — and sanctimoniously was able to generate a translated working Word file to correspond with the translation.What would that mean for your business? For your customers? For your donors? 

Now what if we told you, you can easily on board this well versed linguist without having to worry about recruiting them, paying overtime or supporting the costs of their benefits?

With Integrity One – Xerox you can.
Meet the Xerox Easy Translator App on Connect Key.

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Xerox Easy Translator App
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40% of businesses believe they could miss out on growth opportunities due to the complex and diverse challenges associated with language barriers. 

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